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Over the years...

We have traveled to more than fifty countries.  We have taken over 1000 believers with us into the field from over 60 different churches from more than half of the sates in the US as well as nations such as Canada, Italy, Australia, Thailand and Russia.  We have conducted ministry as varied as the ministries we have gone to serve always focusing on building the Kingdom of God by fulfilling local vision.  Ministry has included: planting churches, starting Bible Schools, conducting leadership seminars, holding youth camps and Children's events.  We have done work projects, medical missions, relief aid, literature distribution, prison ministry and so much more.  We have seen thousands of people come to Christ.  We have seen the escalation and the fulfillment of what God promised.  He has promised to increase His power and pour His anointing out upon His people.  This word has manifested in the most wonderful way.  We have seen deaf ears and blind eyes opened.  We have seen the crippled walk and we have seen lives miraculously touched.  God is indeed pouring out His Spirit upon the Nations.  Please click on one of the continents above to view our most recent trip journals.

Looking Ahead...

We are currently working in more than a dozen countries on an on-going basis.  This means that we have established projects that we are directly involved with and committed to on a long-term basis.  In several of these countries the work spans over many cities and we are targeting many, many more as the work in these countries expands.   We have plans to establish new works and reach into even more countries.  We currently have another six countries that we are ready to begin work in with another eighteen on our horizon that we are praying about.

"When I get to China, I will have no claim on any one for anything. My claim will be alone in God and I must learn before I leave England to move men through God by prayer alone."
- J. Hudson Taylor
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