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The Church And It's Mission
By Rev. Randy Mitchell

For too long there has existed a divide between the church and mission. Traditionally their has existed a divide between those that studied and taught concerning the church (Ecclesiology) and missions (Missiology). This teaching addresses how our ecclesiology shapes how we understand and practice mission and our lives lived on mission continue to shape how we understand and be the church.

If our understanding of God's mission is not informing the way we see the church we run the risk of allowing the church to develop along lines that are not Biblical much less missional. If our biblical understanding of Christ's church is not informing our how we carryout mission we lack the framework for understanding the means Christ intended for fulfilling the mission as well as an understanding of the final outcome of our mission.


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Discipleship: The Key to Unlocking Your Destiny
By Rev. Randy Mitchell

Many people fail to see that life in Christ is meant to be an ongoing daily transformative encounter with the resurrected savior. Our experience of the life Christ came to give and the fulfillment of our destiny is only found within this living interactive relationship. Join me as we learn what it means to live as a disciple, student-learner, apprentice of Jesus Christ.


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The Church and the Mission
By Rev. Randy Mitchell

This course explores how first-century mission methodology facilitated the rapid growth and expansion of the Church. During this course we explore how methods employed by the Apostle Paul and others laid a foundation for the church to be planted within every culture. We will see that these first churches consisted of key elements that are still present in the DNA of the church irrespective of culture or economy. The result of this course will be a clear picture of how these same principles can be applied to our mission methodology and church planting efforts today.

This course is a part of AFCM's ITC. ITC is dedicated to providing quality ministerial training delivered via video to leaders around the world.  More information.



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Missions: Protocol & Ethics
By Rev. Randy Mitchell

There is nothing dearer to God's heart than the peoples of the world. In these last days we see God working to mobilize the body of Christ to complete the "Great Commission." These sessions provide a perspective of the world, while laying a foundation of God's plan to redeem mankind beginning in Genesis and ending in Revelation. The student will be encouraged to see their life and faith in light of God's redemptive purpose. The course seeks to introduce the student to the modern history of the missions' movement and to equip them with current strategy for ministering in a culturally sensitive manner.

This course is a part of AFCM's ITC. ITC is dedicated to providing quality ministerial training delivered via video to leaders around the world.  More information.


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"But all Christians must be missionary-minded. The spirit of Christ is the spirit of missions; and the nearer we get to him, the more intensely missionary we must be become."
- Henry Martyn
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