Encounter: a gathering, a place to connect with God’s purpose, a time of preparation for embracing our responsibility to Christ’s mandate, learning new strategies for meeting life’s objective—fulfilling our destiny.

Encounters are one day events 4-6 hours long.  The time is split into four sessions covering topics such as: 

Mission of God – Clearly establishing the need for every believer to align their lives with what is important to God. What has God done in the earth for mankind?  How has God addressed the human condition?  What is the answer for man?  How is God working in the earth today?  These are questions for every age, but in the times that we live they are much more relevant and the world is much more desperate for answers.  This session addresses the human condition.  We look at the present condition of man separated from God and come to understand clearly that there is really only one answer.  We also discuss how we as followers of Christ and servants of God play a very important role in finishing the task or reconciling a lost world to a loving God.  

Hitting our Target – Identifying who is our target and how do we hit it.  The Reached, the Unreached and the Un-engaged. When we look at the world we see a complicated mix of nationalities, religions, ethnicities, cultures and languages.  We often define ourselves by our differences and those differences have separated us created conflict and deep seated prejudices and hostilities.  The reality is that we are much more alike than we are different.  The world cannot be neatly divided up into nation states by wars, treaties and world rulers. The picture of mankind is much more complicated than that. First we will learn that this collage of peoples and cultures was the work of God and he has a very specific purpose in creating these various peoples, and the way in which he has used history, geography, and culture to bring them to himself. During this session we will endeavor to give a correct Biblical understanding the Great Commandment to make disciples of all nations and then further define who these nations are. During this session we will see that nations are not defined purely by geography or nationality but rather by ethnicity. This is crucial if we are to complete this task we must first clearly understand it. I know it sounds simple but it is rather complicated.

Strategic Involvement Parts 1, 2 – What is God doing around the world and how can I be a part. Here is where it really begins to get exciting.  We will discuss How God has consistently moved throughout the earth through his body the church.  First we will see the consistency of how God has chosen to expand his kingdom and the shortcoming of the church when we have deviated from his methods.  We will learn that to deviate from his ways is to court failure.  Lastly we will discuss how ministries all over the earth are rediscovering these truths and are now experiencing results on a truly “Biblical level”. 

The Challenge – We dare you to make your life count for eternity by intentionally engaging in the Mission of God   Our final session we discuss our individual responsibility and response to all that we have learned.  I will give a state of the Church address taken from the Global Mission Consultation during which we will talk about the declaration statement for “Finishing the Task”.  We will then address how corporately the body of Christ formed into local churches can practically engage in fulfilling the Great Commission.  We will discuss some practical steps the church can take to reach the nations around the world as well as those living as our next door neighbor.   Sessions will include dynamic teaching along with multimedia presentations.  Course books will be provided for ease in learning.  Sessions will be broken up by coffee breaks, group discovery and of course a time for questions.

If you are interested in attending this event or interested in your church sponsoring this event in your area please contact our offices.

"The greatest missionary is the Bible in the mother tongue. It needs no furlough and is never considered a foreigner."
- William Cameron Townsend
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