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Statement of Purpose: 

To build working bridges between mission structures and church and church networks for the purpose of extending God's Kingdom to all nations.   We work with local church and church networks to bridge the church and its responsibility of missions to the nations. We do not in anyway seek to hinder or come between the church and its direct involvement with missions, but rather to enhance those relationships by joining groups of churches together for the express purpose of multiplying our effect.  It is also our intent to highlight the immense importance of churches interfacing with more traditional mission structures including researchers, strategists, educators, mobilizers, resource developers, etc.  We believe this synergy is essential because the Great Commission is given to the body of Christ as a whole and no individual part can hope to see it fulfilled without a concerted effort of the whole.  The mission structures need the vast resources deposited within the church and the local church needs the experience, research, strategic planning and resources developed to make mission successful.  For this reason we are committed to bringing the two together.

To mobilize and equip the church. We are committed to mobilizing the church around the world and equipping the saints for the work of missions ministry. We strive to see Christ made known to the nations by preaching and teaching God’s heart and plan for the nations. We preach in churches and conferences, teach in Bible schools and develop educational resources to educate the body of Christ concerning God’s biblical plan for redemption. We serve local denominations as well as individual churches by assisting them in the development of missions strategy for their local churches and equipping local believers with global vision. We believe that the Spirit of God will continue to reveal to us strategies and methodologies for finishing the task.  One such mobilization strategy we have developed is called the 3D Model for mobilization.  This model introduces the 3 dimensions of Mobilization.  Mobilization is more than recruiting out of the local church.  Mobilizers should work with the local Church to raise awareness of God’s heart for the nations, provide specific training as it relates to mission endeavors as well as facilitate ongoing engagement in God’s mission.  This is more in keeping with the original definition of the word Mobilization.  Historically this word meant, “logistically and strategically and effectively recruiting, training and deploying resources in a manner producing maximum effort to accomplish the ultimate goal.”  We have long understood the difficulty of moving people from awareness to equipping and finally engagement, but a failure to understand mobilization occurring on a continuum with defined dimensions has left us unable to diagnose where our mobilization efforts have broken down.   We would suggest that there are actually multiple dimensions to mobilization--Discovery, Development and Deployment. Each of these dimensions exists on a continuum and involves processes.  When these are properly studied, understood and integrated should produce movements of people on mission.  The  3D Model has now been accepted bu many of the World's leading mobilization ministry as a wholistic model for Mobiliz9ng the whole Church to reach the whole world.  Please contact us if you would like to learn more about Mobilization.  

To catalyze church planting, discipleship and mission movements. We are working to catalyze church planting, discipleship and mission movements around the world in partnership with indigenous organizations.  Our role is to find and then equip indigenous leaders who have a vision for building the Kingdom of God both within their local context and then extending to the nations of the world.  It is our sincere belief that God's strategy for reaching the whole world is realized in mobilizing the whole of the body of Christ to be a witness of God's love near and far.  We cannot afford to think in terms of sending nations and receiving nations any longer.  This linear one-dimensional view of missions has severely limited our ability to reach the world.  We need to think of any and every believer as a missionary and our mission field being anywhere and everywhere.  Understanding that God's work force is global means that we recognize the importance of equipping laborers with a biblical missiology,  proper ecclesiology and effective mission strategy and then being able to assist in coordinating mission movements towards the least reach, unreached and unengaged peoples of the world.  We provide these leaders with Biblical missions models and the practical strategies necessary for them to impact the world both locally and globally.

"I have seen, at different times, the smoke of a thousand villages - villages whose people are without Christ, without God, and without hope in the world."
- Robert Moffat
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