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We continue to see God moving throughout Europe. When traveling throughout Europe we will usually minister in Serbia, Croatia, Italy and France. Each country is as different as the people that live in it, we have seen one similarity among all of the believers that we met; there is a growing hunger for God.  Wherever we met believers we found a living, thriving faith.  In the midst of the confusion and disorganization, in the midst of materialism and post-Christian humanism—God is at work.  Many times it appears that the Gospel advances so slowly and that the challenges the local believers face are insurmountable.  Despite the obstacles, we find believers growing in their faith as they learn who they are in Christ and realize the authority they have as believers and the great plan that God has for their lives. We are meeting new pastors that have found a new boldness to preach the truth and take the stand for righteousness.  We are seeing churches that are shaking off generations of apathy and freeing themselves from the bondage of ritual and religious tradition.  We are seeing people that are hungry for a deeper revelation from the Word.  We are meeting people that are desperate to see the Spirit of God being poured out like never before.  It is an honor to work alongside these pastors and have the opportunity to minister to their congregations. There has been a great awakening and a renewed passion to see God’s Kingdom built.  We are finding churches that are saying, “It’s time for our churches to start reaping a harvest among the nations. How can we get involved in participating in missionary outreaches?”  We are honored that God is giving us the opportunity to partner with them for missions outreaches in the future. Please join us in praying for our brothers and sisters that are living and serving the Lord in Europe.  Please consider how God would use you to join with us as we stand hand in hand believing God to pour out revival upon the people of Europe. 

"But all Christians must be missionary-minded. The spirit of Christ is the spirit of missions; and the nearer we get to him, the more intensely missionary we must be become."
- Henry Martyn
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